Putting in the hard work

In all of my posts, I have advocated that an EMBA program will do you good. It’s an important education for you if you are seriously thinking of doing well in your career and climbing the corporate ladder. The job market now is very competitive and you should upgrade your skills to bring in more value to the company.

But that being said, you still have to put in hard work. Even if you managed to enroll into the best EMBA program, but if you do not put in the hard work, it will be of little meaning. EMBA programs are there to help you if you are willing to put in effort and time on it. You will reap its rewards eventually.

Here’s Why A Part Time Executive MBA Can Be Better For You

I know many people will feel reasons against part time executive MBAs, but in this objective article, I will list down both the benefits as well as the disadvantages of such a part time course.


i) You don’t have to quit your job – you still get to draw a salary and bonuses while studying.

ii) You apply your EMBA skills learnt directly and nearly immediately on your work day.

iii) You do not have to slow down your corporate advancement


i) You may get burned out if you do not adapt well or cope well with an extremely busy schedule

So if you are persuaded by to take your part time executive MBA Singapore course, then what are you waiting for!

What Are Benefits Of An EMBA Program?

Of course, what is better than telling you about the benefits of an executive MBA class than showing you a video about students who’ve been there to tell you about it!

Clearly, there is more than just corporate advancement that you will derive from such an EMBA school – you will also get to meet and interact with people of similar intellectual and emotional level and this will result in you having great friends as well as business connections who truly understand each other and are able to add value to discussions in class and corporate advancements outside of class. All in all, an executive program will add more value to your life than you think. Go for executive MBA rather than just the normal Masters in Business Administration.

Factors To Choose An EMBA Program In Singapore

With a ton of EMBA programs Singapore, which one is the best and how do you decide which one you should go for?

The following are some of the most important factors you want to take into account when choosing your executive MBA school.

i) The entering qualifications required. And I don’t mean look at this to see if you can get into the EMBA school, but to look at it to gauge the type of participants. Are the type of students there the type you want to mix around with and are able to help you grow your network professionally?

ii) Prestige. Some executive MBA programs are not as well recognized as others, and may thus as a result not be able to lend as much weight to you in advancing your career. Although this applies more to pure Masters in Business Administration graduates, it will still affect you.

iii) Do they offer you great access to their alumni group? Some schools are more open and with a helpful and active alumni group while others are not so much.

Location is a much smaller factor since Singapore is relatively small and as a EMBA program student, you should already own a car.

Part Time EMBA Courses?

Of course, there are many business executives who love their jobs and/or cannot quit for an MBA program, and this is where a part time EMBA program will come in really handy.

EMBA part time Singapore courses are geared towards individuals with needs like yours. With everyone going to classes either on weekends or weekday nights, you will also likely meet many business professionals who are in the exact same position as you – people who are looking to further their career through a diploma in EMBA.

So for those of you out there, (although there shouldn’t be many) who are worried there isn’t actually a part time program for high ranking executives, there actually is – EMBA classes are usually part time.

Best EMBA Classes In South East Asia

Although South-East Asia is a relative poor region, Singapore is the financial hub of Asia and perhaps fighting to be the top in the world. It has overtaken Switzerland as a haven for people to park their wealth.

With that said, Singapore is also very focused on higher education and encourages and emphasizes heavily on it.
Thus you may want to consider taking your EMBA part time in Singapore if you are already in the market and looking for EMBA classes.

Acting as a global shipping hub and now financial hub around the world, Singapore is a great geophysical location for you to set up your business here or act as a supreme springboard to the rapidly developing nations nearby.

With that said, many top executives with high aspirations and competence flock to Singapore constantly to upgrade themselves in post-graduate classes such as the executive MBA you’re considering.

If you are looking for such a class to network and improve yourself in South East Asia, Singapore will be the best choice you’ve ever made in your life.

Important Elements Of An EMBA Class

EMBA programs are well known for several different reasons, and the following are about some of the most important ones you need to consider if you’re considering to enrol yourself in an EMBA program.

Firstly, an executive MBA class usually means that your fellow classmates are experienced business executives as well and are certainly not academic smart but corporate green horns. This way, you get to share ideas with people who are both book smart and corporate smart. Mixing the best of both worlds.

Secondly, an executive program is also usually conducted on a part time basis. So if you’re working at a job you love or can’t quit, then an EMBA class will certainly do you well.

Thirdly, you get access to a powerful alumni group which you would otherwise be unable to tap into – and that alone should be reason enough for you to enrol in an EMBA program.